With class leading turn-around times and implementation of automation to ensure replicability of results, the IDEXX microbiology services are designed to offer you both flexibility of choice but also predesigned screens so you can best assess the health of your patient.


How we are helping in the fight about antibiotic resistance

We are all aware about the focus on antibiotic resistance, not just with respect to animal health but also human health, therefore we offer as standard, where applicable, MIC’s (Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations).

Our MIC’s are performed via automation methods which removes some of the potential differing interpretation which can be associated with the traditional disc diffusion methods.

To support your efforts to find out the most effective antibiotic to treat your case, or uncover that you do not need to treat with antibiotics, IDEXX has included in its microbiology offering 2 low cost screening options:

TNTU – Test n’ Treat Urine

TNTS – Test n’ Treat Swab

These fixed price screens offer both culture and sensitivity – including MIC’s.  These options are available to request through our online submission system IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Ordering. To find out more about Ordering please select this link 


How we are contributing to the knowledge-base around changes in antibiotic sensitivity and resistance

IDEXX as a laboratory service provider has many years of data which highlights resistance and sensitivity changes. We feel that as a part of the veterinary community it is a requirement to share this data with you to help you understand changes and trends.

PetResist is the tool we have designed to illustrate this data to help you with effective antibiotic choice and is freely available to all within the veterinary community.

To view the geographical information tool, please visit www.petresist.com