SediVue Dx™

Urine Sediment Analyzer

Revolutionary urine sediment analyzer that allows practices to exceed current manual microscopy capabilities, streamline workflows and obtain fast and accurate results.

  • 3 minute run time
  • Consistent identification of cells, casts, crystals and bacteria
  • Precision onboard gravitational centrifuge
  • 45 high-power fields
  • 70 HD images per run

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SediVue Dx Test Menu

Results for the most clinically relevant elements in 3 minutes for easy interpretation of results

The below "trained" menu will expand over time.

Blood Cells

Red blood cells (RBCs)
White blood cells (WBCs)


Calcium oxalate dihydrate
Unclassified (all other crystals)



Epithelial cells

Nonsquamous (e.g., transitional cells, renal tubular cells)


Nonhyaline (e.g., cellular casts, granular casts)


Three easy steps for accurate urinalysis on the SediVue Dx

Step 1

Pipette 165 µL (4-5 drops) urine.

Step 3

Press start button and walk away.

Step 2

Dispense sample.

Veterinary urinalysis demonstration

Watch the Complete Urinalysis workflow video



Precision onboard gravitational centrifuge

  • Spins at a significantly lower force than most in-house centrifuges to preserve delicate casts that external centrifuges break apart and to ensure sample integrity.
  • In 30 seconds, gently deposits formed elements into a monolayer at the bottom of the cartridge (similar to IDEXX reference laboratory methodology).

Convolutional neural network

  • Uses proprietary image processing algorithm similar to facial recognition software.
  • “Trained” by evaluating several thousand examples of each formed element to consistently recognize clinically relevant particles and discern them from debris.
  • Almost instantly analyzes, identifies, classifies, and counts individual elements.

Inverted microscope with built-in digital camera

  • Examines the equivalent of 45 high-power fields from beneath the sample to maximize visibility of clinically relevant particles.
  • Captures 70 high-resolution images per run.
  • Autofocuses on each shot for crisp images.
  • Adjusts exposure with each image to ensure optimal contrast.

Did you know artificial intelligence is in veterinary medicine?

Artificial intelligence is helping you make more confident and accurate medical decisions?



Dimensions and weight

Width: 12.6 in (320 mm)

Depth: 12.6 in (320 mm)

Height: 13.2 in (336 mm)

Weight: 32 lb (15 kg)


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