IDEXX Launches Catalyst® SDMA Test

Pets can’t talk to you about their kidneys. Catalyst® SDMA can.

The Catalyst® SDMA Test will be available exclusively on Catalyst One® and Catalyst Dx® chemistry analysers.

IDEXX first launched the IDEXX SDMA™ Test at its reference laboratories in 2015, and has run more than 12 million SDMA patient tests, creating the world’s largest database on kidney disease in dogs and cats. The IDEXX SDMA™ Test is a kidney test proven to identify kidney disease earlier than creatinine, enabling veterinarians to intervene earlier to meaningfully impact a patient’s health outcomes and quality of life.

SDMA is the subject of more than 30 ongoing research collaborations and has been incorporated into the veterinary profession’s International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) kidney disease staging guidelines.

Now this test will is available in-house as well, order yours today!

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Are you a Catalyst customer?

Make sure that you are ready for the IDEXX Catalyst® SDMA launch, here is your pre-launch checklist:

Ensure you're connected

Check that both your IDEXX VetLab Station and your IDEXX Catalyst Chemistry analyser are connected to the SmartService enterprise via a live internet connection. 

You can do a quick check by confirming that the SmartService Icon (pictured above) located in the top right of your screen is depicted and has a green dot. If it is not illuminated green, please Contact Support 

One last thing

Ensure that you are running the most recent software. current software versions are as follows:

Catalyst One Software version 1.18.3
Catalyst Dx Software version 2.7
IDEXX VetLab Station Software version 4.60.69

You can check the software of each instrument, by tapping on the instrument button on your IVLS touchscreen interface and then selecting the respective instrument to review the sfotware on board.
Should your instruments be operating on previous software versions, please Contact Support

Catalyst® SDMA Pre-Designed Combo Options

Complete your chemistry profiles by running Catalyst® SDMA and all essential parameters in-house! Not only is the Catalyst® SDMA test available as a single slide, you can also select from one of the pre-designed combo options when placing your order.