The Minimum DataBase: Get the full picture

Introductory course

The Minimum DataBase is an integral part of a thorough and systematic patient assessment, history and physical examination. Take the introductory online course “The Minimum DataBase: Get the full picture” to learn more.

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The Minimum DataBase: Get the Full Picture

Along with the patient history and physical examination, diagnostic testing is often recommended to get a comprehensive picture of a symptomatic animal’s medical status. This online course aims to provide an introductory overview of the Minimum DataBase, the core diagnostic tests needed to accurately assess symptomatic cats and dogs and confidently detect the underlying cause of symptoms. 

This course should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. The course also includes a case study where you can put your knowledge into practice.

Learning objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define the Minimum DataBase concept and its components
  2. Summarize the key benefits of running the Minimum DataBase
  3. Explain why the Complete Blood Count, Complete Chemistry, Complete Electrolytes and Complete Urinalysis together provide the core information needed to confidently diagnose symptomatic patients
  4. Explain how the Minimum DataBase can help you create an individual diagnostic plan for your patients


Target audience: Veterinarians, veterinary nurses and technicians

Level: Basic


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