Laboratory Training

The IDEXX Laboratory Training Course is based on the syllabus for the Laboratory section of the Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.

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Course Info

It is a practical based course and you will be provided with comprehensive course notes and study aids to support the practical skills learned. The course has been divided into two sections:

Practical Haematology
  • Understand how to collect and prepare blood specimens for haematology
  • The preparation and use of a microscope Basic microscopy techniques including the identification of white cells, red cells and platelets, including individual white cell lines and mature and immature red cells,
  • The preparation and staining of good quality blood smears for morphological examination
  • Generation of PCV results using microhaematocrit tubes
  • The preparation and examination of a reticulocyte count 
Practical Microbiology
  • Understand how to collect and prepare urine, faeces and hair specimens for microbiology
  • Basic microbiology techniques including the examination of urine samples, the recognition of simple cultures, preparation and staining of slides for the identification of bacteria
  • The preparation and use of a microscope
  • The examination of hair and skin samples for parasites, bacteria and fungi
  • The examination of faeces for parasites


The course has been structured so that the time spent on practical sessions is maximised. Course numbers are kept to a maximum of 6 to ensure personal hands on training. Additional information is covered in the course notes. The course also includes:

  • Comprehensive course notes and study aids for you to keep
  • A certificate of attendance


The cost per applicant is £150.00 + VAT
For further information on the course and registration, please e-mail or complete the on-line booking form below:

Laboratory Training Form