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Make diagnostic decisions more quickly and confidently

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Revolutionise the way you view and share your patients’ results

VetConnect® PLUS transforms the way you see your patients’ results, whether you’re a current VetConnect user, have IDEXX in-house analysers, use IDEXX Reference Laboratories—or use all three. All VetConnect PLUS customers will see more historical data than ever before on a single screen. For the first time, IDEXX Reference Laboratories results are displayed side-by-side with IDEXX in-house results for a “whole patient” view. And it’s at no cost.

Data Visulaziation

View all of each patient’s diagnostic data combined on one screen

  • Easily compare and cross-reference IDEXX in-house and Reference Laboratory results.
  • Save time and reduce frustration: there’s no need to collect data from multiple places.
  • Quickly spot trends and use interactive graphs to learn more from each result.

Remote Access

Access results anywhere, anytime—safely and securely

  • Get fast, convenient online access to ensure you’ll always have answers.
  • Access anywhere, anytime from your home, practice and laptop computer or tablet.
  • Enjoy unlimited, safe and secure data storage in the cloud; receive software updates instantly.

Share Results

Easily share important patient data with clients in or out of the office

  • Review results and recommendations on screen during client visits for better communication and a better client experience.
  • User-friendly information design facilitates face-to-face conversations with clients about their pet's health, which helps you gain trust and compliance.
  • Share results and client-friendly diagnostic summaries.

VetConnect Activation

VetConnect PLUS users

Log on to and click the red bar.

Not using VetConnect PLUS?

Call 0203 7887 508, for assistance.

Mobile Application

The new VetConnect PLUS mobile app for iPhone or Android instantly alerts you when a patient’s results are ready.

  • Stay up-to-the-minute on every case for better patient care and more responsive client service.
  • Quickly and easily access complete diagnostic information any time, from any location.
  • Filter results so you see only the cases that you’re monitoring at any given time.

Download the VetConnect PLUS mobile app today. Available on the App Store and at Google Play now.

VetConnect PLUS Features

View each patient’s results as one complete picture

You see each patient as a whole being. That’s how you should see his diagnostic results, too. So you can make more efficient and informed medical decisions and have more meaningful discussions with your clients that lead to a better experience.

Compare Results

View and easily compare in-house and reference laboratory results displayed side-by-side.

Trending Graphs

Interactive trending graphs make clinically relevant changes in their pet’s normal ranges easier for clients to understand.

Diagnostic Summaries

Share client-friendly diagnostic summaries with clients, like healthy preventive care summaries, to increase their understanding and the value of visits.

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Historic Data

View historic data

See historical data at your fingertips in the same screen as current results.

Request Service

Request a service / Add test

Request an internal medicine consultation for experts to review results and make recommendations.

Share Results

Share results and reports

Easily share results for faster, more efficient client and specialist communication.

The Diagnostic Sharing icon links patients between practices for instant access to referred patients’ blood work.

Reorder Results

See results in a more meaningful order

Review results in a veterinarian-recommended, diagnostically relevant order.

Filter Results

Access specific results more easily

Narrow down patient searches by filtering patient lists by veterinarian.


Add persistent comments to your patients’ results.

Interpretive Summaries

Learn more about your results from experts in the field.


To improve sensitivity and diagnostic value of laboratory testing, collection of repeated data from the same healthy animal over time represents the best reference interval for that particular individual.

A.H. Rebar, DVM, Ph.D.,DACVP