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Care more.

IDEXX Animana is a Practice Management Software (PMS) that makes it easier to run and grow a veterinary practice, so veterinarians and staff can focus on providing the best possible care for their patients.

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IDEXX Animana’s philosophy is simple: Care more.
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IDEXX Animana is a practice management software (PMS) that makes it easier to run and grow your veterinary practice, so you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.

This philosophy is behind Animana’s rapid success. With more than 900 customers, Animana is probably the largest Web-based veterinary practice management software in the world. 

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Bring all your crucial data together
Go Paperless!
Animana can help you in becoming paperless by managing all your clinic’s vital information such as medical images, lab reports, invoices, and more, all centrally stored in your practice management system.

Integration with the IDEXX VetLab suite
Animana connects to all common in-clinic laboratory equipment, ensuring that results are seamlessly kept in the patient file. Results can be easily printed or shared with the owner via email. Read more about two-way integration with the VetLab suite.

Integration with IDEXX Reference labs
Connecting your practice management system to your external IDEXX Reference Laboratory is as simple as a few clicks in Animana, freeing you of paper forms and giving your diagnostics a dose of 21st century efficiency. Read more about Animana’s IDEXX Reference Labs integration

Connection with Digital X-Ray Equipment
Animana interfaces with your digital X-ray machines allowing you to save images straight to the appropriate patient file where they can be emailed to the client. This is a huge time-saver for any practice that makes a lot of X-rays. Click here for more information.

Information that makes sense
With Animana, your vital information is available anytime, anywhere, in an easy to interpret 360-degree format.
Detailed Medical History at your Fingertips
The powerful medical record functionality is at the heart of Animana. It allows you to quickly view, amend, create protocols, filter, search and export data pertinent to patient and owner. Make new appointments, work on the medical history, view diagnostic images or lab results all from the same screen.

Weight History and Chart
Monitor patient weight with Animana’s graphical presentation of the patients’ body weight over time, allowing you to quickly identify growth or weight problems.

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Improve the health of your patients and your practice
With less time spent on running your software and managing your paperwork, you can spend more time doing what your patients are expecting from you: providing them with the best possible care and attention.

Save money:

Eliminate server costs
Have you ever wondered how much your server(s) cost you? Because it is an online software that does not require any local server, Animana can help you save thousands of pounds in server maintenance, upgrades and replacement.

No Expensive Hardware Requirements
The days of expensive servers and backup drives are gone – because you access Animana securely through the internet, even old hardware will run Animana with no issues.

No license fees
Your subscription to Animana includes an unlimited number of users, in as many sites as you need. You do not need to worry about adding that new staff member anymore, and opening a branch surgery will not put a dent in your IT budget.

Save time:

Do not waste your time upgrading your software
Classic softwares require you to regularly proceed to time-consuming software upgrades. With Animana, upgrades are 100% automatic, and you are sure to always run the latest version. And this comes with no extra cost!

Fast training
Thanks to its highly intuitive interface, you do not need to spend long hours training your new staff on how to use Animana.

Eliminate missed appointments
Missed appointments are a waste of your time and can be very disruptive. With Animana, you can automatically remind the pet owner by SMS or by email the day before the appointment.

Support available 24/7
Animana offers best in class support, with our team of experts available at any time of day or night. Because we know some veterinary clinics never sleep.

Grow your practice:

Easy to use management reports: because you manage better what you can measure.
How was business this year compared to the previous year? You want to know! Animana’s advanced financial reporting tools let you generate all the reports you need; clients by turnover, products by profit, which practice location has the highest average transaction fee? How many deworming products do I sell in a week? Animana can answer all these questions and provide all the information a practice manager or owner needs to run their practice.

Easy to implement protocols
Animana allows you to develop your own protocols, to help you improve the health and wellbeing of your patients, but also the financial health of your practice. It takes only a few clicks to send automated reminders for vaccination, flea treatments, deworming, annual health checks. Simple and cost effective with Animana’s integrated SMS and email services.


Integration with the IDEXX Vetlab suite 
Animana connects to all common in-clinic laboratory equipment, ensuring that results are seamlessly kept in the patient file. Results can be easily printed or shared with the owner via email.